23rd June 2020

What services do Smart Live offer?

Whilst we specialise in end to end project management, we can also support on individual elements of your event - take a look at our services below.

Smart Live are the experts at organising and hosting live events across the UK and Europe, but what does the hosting of these events actually entail? Smart Live can organise every element of any kind of event, from a party to a conference, a team away day to an incentive trip abroad. This may seem like a multifaceted process, and that’s because it is! In today’s blog, we will break it down to show you the individual services we take care of when it comes to organising an occasion like this.

Venue Sourcing

One of the biggest jobs we handle for our clients is sourcing the perfect venue for their occasion, ensuring the venue matches every element of your brief. From warehouse spaces to landmark venues, private islands to boutique hotels, palaces to galleries, UK or overseas, our team proactively source and review new spaces, ensuring we find the best location for your requirements.

We’re very lucky to work in partnership with Smart Venues, who have an extensive portfolio of venues across London, as well as Moving Venue, our caterers who are accredited at over 50 iconic venues throughout London and beyond. We have also built strong connections with other venue providers, meaning we have access to such a wide and varied collection of event spaces in all cities in the UK and various countries across Europe.

Streaming & Virtual Events Expertise

We know that engaging your audience in a virtual world is of upmost importance right now. When face to face interaction at live events isn’t possible but engaging your audience remains a priority, we can provide effective online solutions.

There is no doubt that the likes of Zoom and Teams have been a complete life saver in the past few months in order for colleagues to remain engaged and working actively as a team. However, for certain events you might wish to choose another platform that offers more control and increases your production value, or even a fully customisable virtual studio if required.

We’re also conscious that corporate hospitality needs to adapt in the current climate, so we’ve collated ideas of how you can still show appreciation to your partners. These include:

• ‘A Night with the Stars’ – a journalist interviews an A-List celebrity, actor or sports personality live, followed by a Q&A session

• ‘Taskmaster’ style events

• Traditional summer events recreated, such as ‘Ascot At Home’

• Family fun days

Our focus has also turned to home deliveries, perfect for engaging your audience.  This can simply be a bespoke gift hamper to brighten someone’s day, or a delivery of items to be used for a virtual masterclass.

Event Design & Theming

Once we’ve secured a venue, it’s time to bring it to life. We build breathtaking themed environments and event interiors that realise your vision. We love nothing more than taking a blank canvas venue and fully transforming it, ready to transport your guests to another world, or starting with a beautiful venue and dressing it with elements that simply enhance its features. Whether we’re designing the venue dressing around your chosen event theme or simply planning beautiful table set-ups, no matter what you have in mind, we can make it happen.


Engaging Content Development

Whether communicating with your employees, your clients, or your prospective customers, every event has a message it needs to convey to its guests, and that is best done through the development of engaging and effective content to be used throughout your event. We know that translating your messages can be challenging, and so we can help you to engage with maximum impact through designing, scripting and producing innovative and exciting content to be used across a variety of platforms.

AV Production & Set Build

Although we aim to choose venues for our clients that already tick all of their boxes, we have great relationships with a number of design and production companies who have the ability to use sound, light, video and set to totally transform venues and create whole new levels of amazement. No matter what you have in mind for the aesthetics and performance of your event, we can bring that to life.


Delegate Management & Logistics

Whether your event is set to have 100 guests or 1,000, the guest experience is one of the most important elements of any event. Ensuring proper processes are in place to look after them is stressful, yet essential. As the organisers and hosts, this is a worry you won’t want to have. Fortunately, Smart Live offer to handle this element of all events we work on!

From pre-event communications such as the invite process, through to onsite management such as guest registration, we are on hand to help. We put ourselves in the shoes of your guests to develop clear pre-event and post-event communications, practical access and egress plans, detailed transport and accommodation plans, guest breakouts and movements, and discreet handling of all special requirements – giving you a seamless delegate journey. We take on these tasks to ensure every single one of your delegates has a fantastic experience at, before and after your event. uses cookies to enhance your experience. By continuing to use our website, you’re agreeing to our use of cookies.