Wednesday 19 January 2022

New Ways of Working in 2022

As the way we work changes, it’s essential for companies to continue adapting their engagement practises in order to keep their employees motivated and ensure their wellbeing is a key priority.

The secret to keeping your workforce motivated

Sometimes all you need to reignite the spirit of teamwork is a session of corporate team building or time away from the office, and it really doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Positive time spent together with colleagues can help improve communication and produce stronger ideas.

We have pulled together a plan for your year ahead.

Calendar of events


The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to come together and strategize for the year ahead. An in person event to kick off the year provides an opportunity for all arms of the business, however big or small to collaborate and share ideas ahead of the upcoming year. This is the perfect time to offer some employee incentives.

Event type: In person

Team building


Spring is springing and the days are finally getting longer, this is a really good opportunity to get together for some training. This is easy to do from home or in the office which gives employees the flexibility they desire. Or, if you would like to gather your teams together, why not arrange a team building weekend? There will be plenty of opportunities for breakout sessions where you can facilitate business updates to relevant members of the team.

Event type: Hybrid

Summer soirée

June or July

It wouldn’t be Summer without an annual summer party! It’s the perfect opportunity to pick a spectacular venue and really treat your staff. Barbecues to celebrate team wins are always a great idea this time of year, or an evening drinks party in the balmy summer evenings. 

Event type: In person


As most people return from their summer breaks, September is a great time to regroup for a business update. Communication is key, especially if your workforce are based in multiple locations so ensure you are keeping those channels open with a half year update. A hybrid meeting provides the perfect platform to present findings, figures and to update your staff.

Event type: Hybrid


The days are getting shorter again and everyone is making that last push to meet year end quotas and objectives before the holiday season takes over. Invite a goal setting and productivity expert to do a seminar with your team ahead of the new year. Alternatively, you could host a Leadership Day where you allow employees to reflect on the year.

Event type: Hybrid

Christmas party


As the year comes to a close, there’s no better way than celebrating with the ultimate Christmas party. Getting the whole company together to celebrate the years successes. Thanking everyone for their hard work is invaluable! 

Event type: In person

Four key things to consider when planning an events calendar

1. Identify what you want to achieve throughout the year and at each event.

2. Plan regular meetings and accountability modules to keep up with time and task management.

3. Setting a yearly budget and spreading the budget between all events throughout the year.

4. Don’t forget to intersperse with regular social events, such as group trips to the theatre, bowling and quiz nights, virtual or in person.


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