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Tuesday 23 June 2020

Top 5 benefits of working with an events agency

From saving money and time through to being able to relax with shared responsiblity, there are many benefits to working with an events agency.


Save Money

Many people assume that planning an event without the help of an agency will be less expensive. However, this is very rarely the case. An events company will ask the right questions from start to finish, ensuring there are no hidden or unnecessary costs when it comes to paying the final invoice. They are savvy by nature – they identify discounts and are skilled negotiators. Another great advantage of working with an events agency is that they have working relationships with venues and suppliers so are able to get special pricing that isn’t available to the general public.


Save Time

Why waste time researching venues when you could be remaining productive and concentrating on your normal job duties? Event companies are dedicated to the task and have access to extensive venue databases, which makes finding the perfect venue easier and quicker. Most events agencies will give you the chance to decide how involved you want to be with the event planning – so if you want to sit back, relax and let an agency do the work for you, you can. With an events company, you have one point of contact; you don’t need ten different phone numbers for the caterer, the burlesque dancer your guests requested, or the venue owner.


Extensive Set of Skills

Event agencies have extensive experience and know what works and what doesn’t. They offer you thematic ideas, top entertainment and catering options you may never have thought of by yourself. They commit their time to researching new and innovative ways to enhance your event, making it stand out from the crowd; whether it’s the latest technology or a new ground-breaking form of entertainment you desire, events agencies have a whole team who are trained to keep on top of this stuff.

Organising an event is a complex and responsibility-laden process – luckily most agencies, like us, love what we do and are happy to help bring to life your dream event!


Relax With Shared Responsibility

Why put so much effort into organising an event and not enjoy the experience yourself? You should be allowed to feel relaxed, letting people take care of your special occasion pre and post-event. They are there with you from beginning to end, working as your partner to help you feel confident about your event. Their extensive experience ensures you don’t miss anything and eliminates that feeling of anxiety and isolation that can come with planning your own event. We understand that no one’s perfect but, should a problem arise, it is highly likely that your events company know from experience exactly how to deal with it, so you can sit back and feel truly spoilt like your fellow guests.


Happier Guests

Everyone is happier when a plan comes together. You are more relaxed, meaning your guests and team are too. By outsourcing your design needs and using a creative agency to design your marketing content and event logo, your guests get to see an innovative perspective on your brand. Event managers make it look easy and work tirelessly to make sure the event runs smoothly and the guests have a memorable experience, meaning you can relax and enjoy the event too!

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