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Sunday 20 September 2020

Virtual Team Building

Virtual ideas and engaging activities you can use to bring your team closer...

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Virtual Team Building

During Lockdown we have all been taking part in plenty of quizzes and we are all now completely quizzed out – for a little while anyway. So here at Smart Live we have been looking into some fun and exciting ideas for virtual team builds that you will love. Virtual Team Building can be a daunting idea but the ideas and options are endless, whether it be a virtual escape room or musical bingo we have plenty of options to keep your team’s engaged and interacting through a virtual platform… here are a few of our favourites.


The perfect way to get your teams together and enjoy learning something new. Whether it be a cheese and wine masterclass or a Cocktail tasting they are a great way to engage your audience whilst it is difficult to all be together.

A Cheese and Wine tasting is a great event to host, as it’s easy to participate and easy to transport the goods to the guests. This event will be hosted by one of our sommeliers, live streamed from their beautiful Wine Cellar, taking guests through what to look out for in the pairings. The session will be completed with a short quiz to test your knowledge. The entire session will last approximately one hour, and we will then allow guests to enjoy the open bottles and remaining cheese together on the video call, able to finish whenever they wish.

From Smart Group’s tasting room, your guests will be taken through a step by step guide of how to make cocktails at home. With a wide selection of cocktails we will send out all of the ingredients for your chosen cocktails and our wonderful mixologists will teach them all they need to know. Guests can then enjoy their cocktails together and ask and questions for hints and tips on any of their favourite cocktails.


Based on the popular TV series, the game begins with the ‘Taskmaster’ reading out the surprise challenge for the group to complete within their team’s. Each Team will then head to their breakout room to work out tactics and how they can best complete the task. They are then instructed to film themselves completing the task to send into our online portal for judging – They have 45 minutes to complete the task.

Our team helps with editing the videos and making their creations come to life! The fun is in the creating the task and getting to watch all of the teams videos!

Virtual Escape Room

A high intensity game that brings your teams together to escape from their themed room. Combining an online platform and an interactive app guests will work have to problem solve and deceiver clues in order to move through all of the tasks to complete the goal of not only escaping but racing against the other teams to be the first to break out. This activity uses image recognition and augmented reality which gives and exciting twist to the game. All of the challenges vary in skill set whether it be solving a math problem, solving a riddle or deciphering a code it means that all team members will need to use their strengths and communication skills to make sure they can esacpe!

Virtual musical bingo

Musical Bingo

Finishing up with one of our favourites – Musical Bingo! A simple but incredibly fun team build. After our introduction and rule explaining, teams start in their breakout rooms and are sent their bingo card, where they have to solve the clues in order to guess the artisit or songs on their bingo cards. Once their time is up everyone heads back in to the main meeting space to start their game of Bingo! Listening out for their songs and marking off those on their card – once they complete a line they send a message to our hosts and points are awarded for those that get BINGO!

Party in a Box

Virtual Christmas Parties

The festive season is fast-approaching, and the annual Christmas party is a prime opportunity for team building. But with face to face interaction at events not currently possible, other options need to be considered. Alongside our friends at Smart Parties and Moving Venue, we have developed Party in a Box as a solution to Christmas parties this year: a physical home delivery to employees, combined with an interactive virtual experience and tailored to your company’s requirements. With numerous delicious catering options to choose from and a host of experiences available, from team building activities to breathtaking live entertainment, look no further for your virtual Christmas party this year.

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