Virtual Events & Experiences

Engaging your audience in a virtual world.

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Virtual Events & Experiences

When face to face interaction at live events isn’t possible but engaging your audience remains a priority, we can provide effective online solutions.

We have a variety of tools, ideas and activities to help build connections, enhance communication and inject creativity into remote working and virtual events.

Alternative streaming platform
Have your presenter stream in from the safety of their own home, but on a secure platform that allows for elements such as a branded site and live interaction with their audience on the site.
Virtual Studio
A full studio experience, including all kit and technology - everything you need to truly engage your audience.
Alternative streaming platform
Including customised webpages, registration of attendees, streaming of live or pre-recorded content, analytics of attendees available post-event and much more.
Virtual Studio Visualisation
Streaming of live filming from a studio, for up to or over 500 viewers on a customised page. Includes the option for individual logins for attendees to ensure privacy if required.

Communication Events

The likes of Zoom and Teams have become key communication platforms during the Covid-19 pandemic in order for colleagues to remain engaged and working actively as a team.

However, when you want to showcase a virtual communication and differentiate it from a routine video call, you might want to choose another platform that will increase your production value and bring your a-game back to your communications.

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Tasking your colleagues and clients with tasks that can only be completed with items in your house.
We can host a Family Friendly Baking Session for all to enjoy. Simple baking or tea time can be fun for the family to make together, following along to a live chef.
A day out at Royal Ascot from the comfort of your home.

Client Engagement

For the foreseeable future, Smart Live have a few ideas of how you can still engage with clients, partners and employees

With our current climate the days of taking guests to events needs to be adapted, but there are still many ways you can thank your key stakeholders for their continued partnership and support. We are here to assist whether it be bringing an event to your client’s homes or having a virtual team building activity.


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Gift Hampers
Bespoke gift hampers can be made and sent out to selected audiences. These can be tailored to any individual or audience and can be a wide selection of items or based around specific ‘themes’ like mindfulness and wellbeing.
Cocktail Masterclasses
Activities to engage an intimate audience are a lovely way to keep people together during this time.
Cookery Demonstrations
Whatever the activity, the key to these events is making them easy for your guests to participate, sending them everything they need so they simply need to turn up.

Home Deliveries: Hampers & Masterclasses

Home deliveries of varying packages can be sent to your recipients in order to engage with them in a variety of ways.

A hamper bespoke to the person, with their favourite treats, will make living through this current environment just that little bit easier. They can also enhance a virtual event, giving it the tactile touch you would get from a live event. A masterclass is also a great format for a team experience to keep morale high whilst many are working from home.

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Hybrid Events

Often events can benefit from combining both a live event with attendees, along with a virtual aspect for those who can’t attend in person.

Hybrid events offer the opportunity to deliver your messaging consistently and collectively to all colleagues wherever they might be, without the cost of global travel. Live streaming an event can be easy implemented from any venue, linking into an interactive platform where both the audience in the room and those watching the stream can send in their questions, respond to polls, and interact with the speakers and, most importantly, the content being delivered, live.

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Our Work

a virtual event from home

Virtual Employee Update

A monthly update for 120 employees to engage in a fun and creative way.

Our client wanted to find a way to bring their 120 employees together during the lockdown period of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our challenge was to produce a virtual experience that brought everyone together in a fun and creative way, as part of a general business update.

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