Team Away Day

Chivas Responsib'all Day 2023

After three successful years of organising Chivas Brothers Responsib’all Day, an internal event emphasising the company's 'Good Times from a Good Place' philosophy, we were requested to host it again in 2023. Unlike previous editions focused on volunteer work, this year's event aimed to create a concept encouraging employees to reflect on their well-being, interpersonal connections, and community impact.

The Challenge

Following 3 years of successfully delivering Chivas Brothers Responsib’all Day – an internal away day focused on enriching employees’ engagement with the company’s ‘Good Times from a Good Place’ philosophy – we were once again asked to deliver this event for the team in 2023. With previous years’ events usually being centred around volunteer work, this year we were tasked with creating an event concept which gave employees the opportunity to pause and reflect on the wellbeing of themselves, each other and their communities.

Our Solution

And so, Festival Responsible was created, a festival themed extravaganza, incorporating 5 different zones which gave employees the opportunity to complete an activity which showcased how to improve their wellbeing.
In our commitment to delivering a purpose-driven and sustainable event, we meticulously sourced charity partners, establishing meaningful collaborations that extend our impact beyond the event itself. By championing local suppliers, with a particular focus on sustainable and healthy food options, we not only supported the community but also promoted an ethos of wellness.
The 5 zones were based on the principals of the NHS Mental Health pillars and activities included guided learning in the form of bite sized talks from local mental health charity partners, hands-on creativity sessions and numerous energetic physical sessions.

Our dedication to creating an inclusive experience extends to the thoughtful design of a dedicated chill-out zone. This tranquil space was carefully curated to provide a haven for those who appreciate moments of quiet reflection. Drawing inspiration from the concept of ‘pause,’ the chill-out zone offered a retreat where individuals can recharge, fostering a sense of balance and mindfulness amidst the event’s dynamic atmosphere. We also installed a ‘Reflection Board’ for employees to add to, encouraging them to pause and take notice of their thoughts and feelings in that moment.
Our venue selection focused on providing environments that prioritise the well-being of attendees. Opting for venues with ample outdoor space, we created a relaxed atmosphere incorporating rejuvenating walks, providing attendees the opportunity to step away from their desks, breathe in fresh air, and engage in meaningful conversations.
The result? An event which received the highest attendance rate in Responsib’all Day history, empowering and equipping colleagues with long lasting tools to continue to look after one another. uses cookies to enhance your experience. By continuing to use our website, you’re agreeing to our use of cookies.