Company Update

Hybrid Company Update for Global High-Street Brand

In the post-COVID era, we mastered remote virtual events. This year, our challenge was delivering a hybrid bi-annual business update, curating 2 hours of engaging content, and live streaming it seamlessly to our European colleagues.

Our challenge

Emerging from the challenges of the post-COVID era, where we successfully orchestrated fully remote virtual events for our client, this year presented us with the task of delivering their bi-annual business update in a hybrid model. The objective was to curate approximately 2 hours of compelling content and seamlessly live stream it to their European colleagues in an interactive and engaging manner.

Our Solution

To transform this vision into reality, we conceived and brought to life a dynamic studio within their offices. Leveraging the existing aesthetic of their beautifully designed workspace alongside carefully selected additional pieces, we crafted a morning TV show-style set for the management team to present from. Armed with multiple cameras and an autocue on the lens, our dedicated team provided comprehensive training on optimal presentation techniques.

Selecting the most appropriate platform to align with GDPR requirements and maximise engagement, we customised a fully branded environment. This platform not only hosted the live stream but also facilitated employee interaction through a chat function. It further offered areas for participation in live polls and word clouds. As the grand finale, we strategically placed the post-event survey on the platform, ensuring the highest possible response rate.

Our meticulous efforts culminated in over 96% positive feedback from the audience, attesting to their high engagement with the content and the success of a thoughtfully executed business update.

“Thanks once again for your patience with us in delivering these events, I can’t tell you what a support you are, THANK YOU!”

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